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Michael Gallego

Posted on October 30 2018

Nothing finishes an outfit like a blazer! The blazer is a standard accessory to any outfit. It can be dressed up or down, worn with jeans or a skirt and some fashionable thigh high boots! Don’t be caught in anything less than High Street fashion!

Babe, the secret to casual is keeping everything neat! Casual does not mean messy.

A blazer can dress up any outfit. It can even hide trouble spots if you like! If you’re tall, a longer blazer can be worn to the hips and hide a thicker middle. On the short side, wear a shorter blazer. Nothing shortens your look like a long blazer if you are on the shorter side to start with.

Ladies, wouldn’t it be nice if we could all walk around in haute couture? Well that’s just not possible. High street fashion is our next best option! The lines are fashion forward, trendy and easy to accessorize and make your own! Get out there and mix and match to make your look your own!  

You need to choose the right pieces, combine them in a stylish way and then accessorize them with unique items, hats, scarves, pins, belts and bags. Don’t let this season’s best piece get away from you. Blazers are the bomb this year! 

In need of a Holiday look to meet up with friends? Try the ‘Sabina’ Plaid Tweed Button Blazer Jacket. The gold buttons dress up a pair of black jeans or pants. Wear it with a turtle neck for a dressier look, a black T or a casual crew neck sweater for that evening out with friends after work. The gold-toned buttons add that holiday flair to this piece for sure. Don’t forget the black suede boots! A clutch for a dressier evening or single sling purse for a more casual look work well.

Stretchy Studded Leather Sock Thigh High Heeled Boots

Paired with a mini dress or skirt, the ‘Ariella’ Studded Thigh High Stretchy Boots in black make a statement and that statement is va va voom! Paired with an oversized jacket on the top these stunners are sure to leave a mark!

If you haven’t seen it the ‘Justyna’ Tweed Blazer Short Set is one hot number.  Worn with gladiator style shoes and a body suit you’re ready to take on anything, or anyone. These looks are but a few of the most dynamic available today. Check out our faves for the best selection and make it your own today!


Buttoned Tweed Blazer Jacket Top Shorts Short Set Outfit

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