Michael Gallego

Posted on July 02 2018

Looking to find the perfect party dress? It doesn't get much hotter than one of our own crystal mesh dresses! This unique look has become next level since the iconic Kendall Jenner's 21st birthday dress. Inspired by Kendall and Paris Hilton, this look has been taken to new heights with evolution in design and functionality. Look and feel like a star in these gorgeous pieces made to turn heads everywhere you go! 

Our crystal mesh dresses are made from real metal mesh, with crystals at every link. These dresses really are stunning when hit with light or flash, you will look as if you are dripping in diamonds! 

Be SO EXTRA for your next birthday, girls night or to catch that perfect shot for the 'gram... See why everyone is obsessed with this amazing trend!

Our Verena crystal mesh dress is our maxi-length version of crystal mesh perfection!

Our Marina crystal mini dress is the perfect sexy dress for an unforgettable look! The perfect birthday outfit, don't be out-dressed babe!

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