See the hottest new styles from Bleu Luxury Boutique, our most loved designs for any occasion!
On sale
'Sena' Plaid Mini Dress - Red
'Paloma' Crystal Bandage Dress - Black - Bleu Luxury
'Nadette' Sparkling Mini Dress - Purple - Bleu Luxury
'Neda' Deep Plunge Crystal Bandage Dress - White - Bleu Luxury
'Etta' Thigh High Boots - Black - Bleu Luxury
'Taisia' Mohair Wool Double Breasted Coat - Black and White
'Justyna' Tweed Blazer Short Set - Black and White - Bleu Luxury
On sale
‘Tyra’ Silk Wrap Mini Dress - Pink
'Manya' One Shoulder Ruffled Top - White - Bleu Luxury
On sale
‘Varvara’ Sheer Mesh Sequin Blouse - Black
'Galina' Floral Cutout Dress - Pink - Bleu Luxury
'Kaia' Denim Button Mini Skirt - Blue - Bleu Luxury