Waist Training 101

We've all heard about waist training. Everyone is doing it, from your girlfriends to Snooki and the Kardashians. Waist training has been around for centuries and one thing is for sure, it looks hot. How do you get started? What are the do's and dont's? Read more to find out how to get the ideal slim waist you've been envying. 

What is Waist Training?

Waist training is the gradual reduction of the waist by use of a maximum compression waist-cincher. The compression from waist trainers trains your waist to be smaller, some women losing 1-3 inches almost instantly. With continued wear according to recommendations, you will see a difference in your waist line. The tight compression will also promote a reduced intake of food, helping achieve the practice of eating smaller meals more often, rather than three large meals per day. Waist training is also perfect for postpartum to get you back into shape! 


How can I achieve the best results?

To make the most of your waist training results, requires discipline and commitment. The best results can be achieved when remembering the 3 most important components. 

  • Use a traditional steel-boned Waist Trainer
  • Healthy, clean diet
  • Regular exercise 

It will be more difficult to achieve the desired results if not all 3 components are followed in harmony. Make sure you pick the perfect fit by following our Size Chart


What is the best way to start?

We suggest taking it slow at first. Start with wearing the waist trainer 2-4 hours a day at first, and gradually increasing wear to the entire day. When putting on your waist trainer at first, it can be difficult to secure it. We suggest laying down to fasten the clasps the first few times. Make sure you are starting at the first set of hooks. With gradual wear, you will notice the waist trainer will be more comfortable. This means that you can now progress to the smaller set of hooks. 


How do I clean my waist trainer?

We suggest hand washing in cold water, or washing in the gentle cycle in cold water. Do not put your waist trainer in the dryer, lay it flat to dry. To let your waist trainer 'breathe', we suggest alternating between 2 corsets to get the maximum benefit. 


When will I start seeing results?

Every body is different, some women with a bigger waist may see results in as little as 3 weeks with recommended use. Others with less fat and smaller measurements may take over 2 months to start to see results. Another factor in how quickly you will see results is how committed you are to wearing your waist trainer. Someone who wears a waist trainer for 2 hours a day, won't see results as fast compared to someone who wears it 8 hours a day. The key to waist cinching your waist is training your body, which takes commitment and time. Waist training is also known for helping with back pains and posture, which makes you look and feel confident. 



Should I change my diet?

We recommend a clean diet when waist training. Here are some do's and dont's! 


  • Do maintain a diet high in leafy greens & vegetables
  • Do maintain a diet high in protein
  • Do drink lots of water 
  • Do have more small meals throughout the day
  • Do make sure you exercise and engage your core muscles


  • Don't exercise with it on
  • Don't drink soda or sugary drinks 
  • Don't eat or drink Heavily 
  • Don't stop wearing when you achieve your shape, consistency is key for maintenance